Project - 4DD Software

Following the initial meeting with the team from 4DD software, it was clear they had built a software company with a mission to help businesses improve their information management. The idea for the piece came from the company’s mission itself and what they have to offer. 4DD software is a small company that does amazing things, work that one usually associates with a larger business, which is exactly what the concept piece illustrates. When the idea for the concept piece was presented to them, the team was completely open and on board with turning this creative vision into a reality. 

The concept for this piece developed by the initial notion that nothing is born or created at it’s best. We as people, as well as in products we create, and businesses for that matter, are constantly evolving and changing. “learning and creating”, as said in the video. The second notion is the idea of business, how incredible that individuals use their constantly evolving thought processes to first develop an idea for a business, and then have the tenacity and drive to see their idea through to eventually take part in changing this world for the better.

Those two thoughts evolved into the script that was developed, as well as the need for a child’s voice to narrate the script. A child is the embodiment of a start, something new and pure who is evolving into something new each day. A child also clearly represents the future, the future of everything, including business and how our world itself will change over time. The child also represents the idea behind how businesses grow. An idea begins usually as an individual concept. Others don’t always see a concept for how it can create change, yet there would be no growth and less innovation if individuals did not go after their dream or if people did not take a chance on the ideas of others. “Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest impact”, a child, an idea, a passion, a company, it’s there for your interpretation, but it’s a truth. “Why should your business be any different?”, a truth that’s empowering and speaks of the world we live in.